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61st IFLA General Conference - Conference Proceedings - August 20-25, 1995


Hiroyuki Hatano, National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, Japan



Many art museums in Japan have been experimenting with the creation of databases of collection catalogs and with the practical application of high-definition image presentation systems using high-vis ion techniques. In most cases, the trials aim mainly at the daily management of the collections, art education and diffusion for visitors. On the other hand, a number of curators in the museums are asking themselves if image processing and image database creation by computer are truly helping their jobs or contributing to their research activities. We have set up a research environment clearl y different from an ordinary museum job environment, and have identified several research subjects (but not the general issue of image processing or image databasing). We are aiming to verify that a new computer system can be a support tool to solve such problems.


I am indebted to Messrs. Shuji Takashina, Director, and Koji Yukiyama, Chief Curator of the Curatorial Department, of the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo for giving me the opportunity to do thi s research; Messrs. Mikinosuke Tanabe, Michiaki Koshikawa, Naoki Sato (curators of the NMWA) and Ryoichi Nakano (Science Museum) for the exceptional energy and skill that has gone into our research. I am also grateful to Tamioki Yamauchi, Dacs Inc., for the construction of the system in the first year of the research, and to Mr Yoshihiro Tanigawa, Assist Micro Co. for the creation of MO image files.


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