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61st IFLA General Conference - Conference Proceedings - August 20-25, 1995

The Making of the Namibia National Bibliography

Barbara L. Bell, College of Wooster, USA


From January to November 1994 the author was an American Library Association Library Fellow working with the National Library of Namibia staff to develop guidelines and procedures for a current natio nal bibliography beginning with Namibia's Independence in 1990. A section on what a national bibliography is, and the process of beginning this new national bibliography is preceded by a brief descri ption of Namibia. The Namibia National Bibliography will reflect the country's culture and record its history through its publishing output and follows the International Congress on National Bibliogr aphies (Paris, 1977) recommendations. Visits by the author to publishers, other libraries and Ministries helped to foster communication, secure titles not received by the National Library of Namibia through its legal deposit laws, and to inform key personnel about the new national bibliography. Problems such as aging computers, staff mobility, shortage of qualified librarians, and budgetary cons traints are consistent with other developing countries. The forthcoming publication of the Namibia National Bibliography will reflect the culture, history, and pride of Namibia.