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61st IFLA General Conference - Conference Proceedings - August 20-25, 1995

The Contribution of Turkish Library Journals to the Future Development of Librarianship in Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Dogan Atilgan, Turkish Librarians Association, Ankara, Turkey


Professional publications play a very important role in the continuous education of librarians and help them to keep up to date. Turkish Librarianship aims to fulfill this function as a profes sional research journal. This paper covers the past and present of Turkish Librarianship and plans for its future development, following a brief review of librarianship journals published in Turkey.


1. Introduction

Librarianship in Turkey is quite young, and paradoxically, has a long established history at the same time. We know that there were libraries during the Ottoman Empire, before the Turkish Republic wa s established. Today, some Ottoman library buildings are still in use.

However, the contemporary concept of librarianship developed after the 1940s when training activities started in the form of courses. Thereafter, offering service became a priority versus preserving the materials. The establishment of the Turkish Librarians' Association in 1949 and the start of professional education at university level in 1952 are two milestones in Turkish librarianship.

Our country has a young cadre of librarians. They are educated in the departments of librarianship in three universities. Publications play an important role in the continuous professional developmen t and learning process of non-professionals working in libraries.

In this study, amongst professional publications, only journals will be reviewed with emphasis on Türk Kütüphanecili_i/Turkish Librarianship (former Türk Kütüphaneciler Derne_i Bülteni/The Bulletin of Turkish Librarians' Association).

Türk Kütüphanecili_i, published since 1952 is the first journal one would think of in the country. There has been no break in its publication since it started. Within the same time span, a nu mber of journals were also published. Some of these belonged to branches of the Turkish Librarians' Association (TLA). A review of these publications shows that none of them survived for long.

2. Journals Published in the Field of Librarianship

Chronologically, the first journal to be mentioned is Türk Kütüphaneciler Derne_i Ayl_k Haberler Bülteni/Monthly News Bulletin of the Turkish Librarians' Association. Only 104 issues of this news bulletin could be published from 1953 to 1961.

Another news bulletin began to be published by the National Library in 1957 with the title of The National Library News. This bulletin was continued until 1972 in 143 issues with cessations. The bulletin included news about the National Library only.

In the 1961-62 academic year, The Institute of Librarianship (now Ankara University Department of Librarianship) published Kütüphanecili_in Sesi/The Voice of Librarianship. The 13 issues publi shed included research work carried out at the Institute.

Ankara Branch of TLA published Kütüphanecilik/Librarianship in 1972-1973. This journal aimed to announce activities of the branch and to act as a means of communication amongst members.

Kütüphane Dünyas_/Library World, published by the Izmir Branch between 1975-1979 in 12 issues intended to discuss problems concerning libraries and librarianship and seek solutions to these pr oblems.

Istanbul University Department of Librarianship started Kütüphanecilik Dergisi/Journal of Librarianship in 1987. Three issues have been published to date. The aim of this journal is to publis h the results of the research carried out at the department for those interested.

Currently, some branches of TLA are publishing some bulletins. Dü_ünceler/Thoughts is Ankara Branch's bimonthly. The other journals Olu_um, Güney'de Kültür, Vahit Pa_a'n_n Sesi and Nam_k K emal'in Sesi are published by Edirne, Antakya, Kütahya and Tekirda_ branches.

Yeni Yay_nlar/New Publications, a bibliographic journal published between 1956-1979, is worth mentioning, because The University Librarianship Departments Graduates' Association (1970-1983) ow ned the journal between 1972-1979 and during this period it was used as the organ of the Association at the same time and articles expressing the views of the Association on professional issues took place in this journal. The other book review journals and bibliographic journals have not been covered in this paper.

Following this brief review I would like to concentrate on Türk Kütüphanecili_i/Turkish Librarianship.

3. Türk Kütüphanecili_i/Turkish Librarianship

The Turkish Librarians'Association, which was established in 1949, aims to maintain solidarity amongst library workers and librarians, and to contribute to the recognition of librarianship as a profe ssion in the country and its development. It is very important to publish a journal as a means of achieving these aims. In 1952, three years after its establishment, TLA started the Türk Kütüphane ciler Derne_i Bülteni (TKDB)/Bulletin of the Turkish Librarians' Association (BTLA). In the first issue its mission was stated thus: "The development of scientific work depends upon well estab lished libraries and librarians who believe in this fact. Pioneers of this publication set out bearing in mind this fact and to serve this purpose." BTLA published every three months has f ollowed this principle and has become one of the major activities of TLA. There have been periods when TLA solely depended on BTLA as a source of finance.

BTLA contains contributions of professional librarians and research work. A regulation was issued for BTLA in line with the requirements of TLA's Status. The regulation defined how the Publica tions Committee was to be formed, criteria for acceptance of submitted papers and how much royalty was to be paid. However, because of some bureaucratic difficulties, no royalties have ever been paid .

The title of the publication was changed to Türk Kütüphanecili_i (TK)/Turkish Librarianship (TL) in 1987.


The evaluation of readers' opinions on the journal shows that TL is in the right direction with its decision to review its policies and principles and renovate the journal. However, this is n ot good enough. In line with its readers' views the journal will continue to try to offer more useful and satisfactory articles dealing with current issues. The Publications Committee members are wo rking dedicatedly on a voluntary basis to achieve more and more for this purpose.

(Translated by Selma Aslan)


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