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60TH IFLA Council and General Conference
Havana, Cuba
August 21 - 27, 1994

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Cuban librarians will host the first IFLA International Conference ever held in Latin America and the Caribbean. The international community of librarians is cordially invited to participate in this important event, to be held at the Havana International Conference Center, on August 21 - 27, 1994.

The Conference will bring colleagues together and give them an opportunity to enjoy Cuba's traditional hospitality.

The Organizing Committee looks forward to welcoming you in 1994.


Founded in 1927, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions is an international, non- governmental organization, with UNESCO "A" consultative status.

With headquarters at The Hague, IFLA has 1284 members (library and librarian associations and libraries and related institutions, and institutional and private affiliates) in 135 countries.

Its main objectives are: to promote international cooperation, discussion, research and development of library activity, including information services, and to provide a body through wich librarianship may be represented in matters of national interest.

IFLA's organizational structure is based on five Core Programmes, namely:

  1. Universal Bibliographic Control and the International MARC Programme
  2. Universal Dataflow and Telecommunication
  3. Preservation and Conservation
  4. Universal Availability of Publications
  5. Advancement of Librarianship in the Third World, and 8 divisions with 32 sections and 12 round tables.


Cuba has been related to IFLA, through the Cuban Association of Librarians (ASCUBI), since 1980, when a Cuban delegation was sent to one of IFLA's General Conferences.

Cuba's involvement in IFLA's work for 13 years and the increasingly active Cuban librarians movement have allowed the country to host a General Conference and a Cuban librarian to be a current member of its Executive Board.

The 60th General Conference will undoubtedly contribute to close ties between IFLA and Cuba and will open new avenues for Cuban librarian's work.


The theme for the 60th IFLA General Conference LIBRARIES AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT will certainly promote experience-sharing on the role played by libraries in the improvement of living conditions and will spark discussion on the prospects for this profession. Such a theme will undoubtedly draw interest in each and every country, aside from its level of economic development, as the whole world is becoming increasingly aware of libraries as active agents for social development.



Libraries for Literacy in Geographically and Socially Isolated Communities will be on this occasion the subject of the Pre- Conference Seminar, to be held in the city of Matanzas, on August 15-19, 1994. The Seminar is specifically planned for guest librarians from developing countries.

Satellite Meetings

IFLA Sections and Round Tables have already announced various Satellite Meetings, and new proposals are coming up. Further information and details will appear in the first issue of the IFLA-Express Newsletter.


Conference Papers

During the conference more than 100 papers will be presented, and copies of these will beavailable at the International Conference Center starting on August 17, from 8:30 am to 4:30pm, upon registration.

Poster Sessions Poster sessions will be held on August 23-24, at the International Conference Center.


Papers received by the Organizing Committee before May 15th, 1994 will be available in IFLA working languages.

Papers received after the set deadline will only be available in the original language.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation in IFLA official languages will be provided at the meeting rooms. Audiovisual Aids

Slides, films or video-cassettes accompanying papers should be brought by the authors and delivered to the Audiovisual Aid Office at the Conference Center 24 hours before presentation. Audiovisual aids must meet the following requirements:

Slides                          35-mm
Video-Cassettes            Betamax or VHS (NTSC 3.58)
Films                           16-, 35- mm and super 8
Video Beam

IFLA-Express Newsletter

In February 1994, the first issue of IFLA- Express Newletter will provide updated Conference information. In June 1994, the second issue of the Newsletter will include final details. The two issues will be available for IFLA members, registered delegates and interested institutions and individuals. While the Conference is in session, the Newsletter will be issued daily and will include any changes in the scheduled program, general information, resolutions, and reports by the various IFLA bodies.

Library visits

Libraries and related cultural institutions in the City of Havana will be visited during the Conference. Visits will be organized on August 25. Delegates will make their choice depending on their interest.


The Havana International Conference Center, inaugurated in 1979, is an institution specialized in promoting, organizing and hosting national and international congresseses, conferences, symposia, meetings, fairs and exhibitions.

The Center's 60 000 m2 are located in a residential suburb west of downtown Havana, just 300 m from the sea.

The Comodoro, Neptuno and Triton Hotels, the Hemingway Marina, and La Cecilia, Tocororo, and El Ranchon Restaurants are nearby, and a few-minutes-ride away are the Riviera, Guitart-Habana Libre and Presidente Hotels.

Multistyled Havana was enriched with the construction of the International Conference Center where colonial architecture blends harmoniously with modern elements, producing beautiful lattice-work, sweeping roofed porticos at the main entrances, tiled floors, ornamental fountains, and patios.

All these details integrated into the design won the project recognition and compliments is an architecture contest held in Bulgaria, 1984.

The Center's 14 years-long experience in the congress industry includes organization of and advising for important meetings.

By 1991, 910 national and international events with more than 330 000 participants had been successfully held.

The Center's efficient services have earned it membership and great prestige in the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), the Association of International Trade Fairs of America (AFIDA), and the Association International des Palais de Congres (AIPC).

Its modern facilities offer all the services needed to guarantee the success of any event:

These rooms have facilities for simultaneous interpretation in six languages, closed-circuit color TV, videotape, cassette and tape recording service, 16-, 35-mm and super 8 film and slide projection, air conditioning and parlamentary seating system.

Other facilities

. print shop
. typing pool and photocopy service
. office rental
. translation and interpretation
. photography
. store
. beauty parlor
. five snack bars
. cafeteria
. banquet and reception area accommodating 2000 guests
. the Buc n Restaurant, seating 500
. international telex
. international telephone
. press center
. medical care
. exhibit areas
. transportation
. public address system, recording and color TV
. lodging in luxurious residences

The International Conference Center also arranges tourist excursions with CUBANACAN S.A and CUBATUR.


The International Conference Center's Exhibition Hall -- located 800 m away -- has an area of 20 000 m2, 11 500 of which are indoors. It features a meeting room for 80 persons and four interconnected halls. These can be used separately since each has independent entrances, overhead doors and emergency exits. Besides, they have a very long clear span giving plenty of space for exhibition purposes.


Cuba, the largest island of the Greater Antilles -- stretching for 1 200 km -- has a 5 764 km coastline with many bays and beautiful beaches.

Cuba has two seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Mean annual temperature is 25 'C (73 ' F); winter average is 20' C and summer average is 28'C.

Spanish is the official language; and the monetary unit is the Cuban peso (100 centavos); weights and measures follow the International System of Units.

Cuba -- divided into 14 provinces and a special municipality -- has a population of more than 10 million. The capital of the Republic is Havana.

The country produces: sugarcane and its by- products, tobacco, rum, cocoa, nickel, citrus fruits and vegetables, coffee, iron, cement, livestock and its derivatives, fertilizers, glycerin, rayon, and other industrial items.


Cubana de Aviacion: From Mexico City, Panama, Lima, Managua, Bridgetown, Kingston, Montreal, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Prague, Luanda, Brussels, Zurich, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile

Mexicana de Aviacion: From Mexico City and Merida.

Iberia: From Madrid and Lima

Aeroflot: From Moscow, Lima and Mexico City

Aeropostal: From Caracas

VASP: From Sao paulo

Viasa: From Santo Domingo


Cubana de Aviacion: From Cancun ( Mexico), London (UK), Cologne (Germany), Vienna (Austria), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Helsinki (Finland).

ABC: From Miami (USA)

LTU: From Dusseldorf (Germany)

Aerocozumel: From Cancun ( Mexico)

Aircanada: From Toronto (Canada)

Aireurope: From Milan (Italy)

For further information consult your travel agent.


Nationals of all countries require a visa for entry into Cuba.

Tourist cards are available at the travel agencies listed in this brochure. Visas may be obtained from the Cuban Embassy or Consulate in your home country 45 days before departure; if none established, participants are advised to send by telex or fax -- at least 45 days in advance -- the following data:

. Name and surname
. Maiden name
. Date and place of birth (please write out the name of the month)
. Passport N';date of issue; expire date
. Citizenship/Nationality

Official letters of invitation

An official letter of invitation to facilitate entrance visa applications will be sent by IFLA upon request.

Such an invitation does not exempt the recipient from paying all registration fees and other costs.These letters should be request to the IFLA Headquarters at The Hague.


International credit cards (Visa, Eurocard, Access, Mastercard and Diners) are honored in Cuba's main hotels and tourist resorts. A cash- advance service is available at the Habana Libre Hotel. No credit cards drawn on US banks are accepted.


Nineteen foreign currencies are accepted in Cuba's principal hotels, restaurants, tourism stores and other duly marked establishments, as are traveller's checks.

The currencies include: Austrian schilling, Belgian franc, British pound sterling, Canadian dollar, Danish krone, Dutch gulden, Finnish markka, French franc, German deutsche mark, Italian lira, Japanese yen, Mexican peso, Norwegian krone, Portuguese escudo, Spanish peseta, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, US dollar and Venezuelan bolivar.


For travel and participation in IFLA'94 arrangements, consult the Havana International Conference Center's representative travel agencies listed in this brochure. They will provide detailed information on plane ticket reservation and other arrangements necessary to allow for a pleasant stay in Cuba.


In conjunction with the 60th IFLA General Conference to be held at the International Conference Center in Havana, August 21-27, 1994.


Exhibition Hall

PABEXPO, which is located in the Cubanacan area, only 800 m away from the International Conference Center, has an area of 200000 m2 of which 11500 are under-roof and 5000 outdoors. Its four interconnected spacious rooms form a modern structure, a functional architectural complex.

Havana, with its privileged geographical location, has been a traveller crossroad ever since the foundation of the city; all this makes PABEXPO an important center for international trade.

The exhibition hall services and facilities are: office and meeting room rental, cafeteria, service to stands, international telephone, telex and telefax, rent-a-car, taxi service and travel agencies.

All interior areas are air-conditioned, creating a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

In addition, PABEXPO's operation is supported by the administrative and catering infrastructure of the International Conference Center to which it belongs.

Furniture, ornamental plants and other decorative items for the exhibitors' stands are also available as well as the services of an experienced technical staff to guarantee quality in display presentation and event organization.

Thousands of visitors who have tested the organization, comfort and services offered by PABEXPO are the best evidence that this center was built to set a model of good taste and excellent quality in the fair and exhibition sphere.

Further information regarding IFLA activities can be obtained by contacting IFLA Headquarters at: IFLA@ifla.org

Mailing Address:

IFLA Headquarters
P.O.B. 95312
2509 CH The Hague, Netherlands

Telephone: 31-70-314-0884
Fax: 31-70-383-4827