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Managing your IFLA Sections membership

This form can be used by both new and existing members.
Use it to add Section registrations, or replace or cancel existing ones.

Note: This form cannot be submitted online. Please fill it, print it, and then send it by post or fax to the address at the bottom.

1. Indicate the appropriate membership category

Please complete this form and submit it together with your application.

please indicate appropriate membership category:

Membership code:
I wish to add to my current total of Section registrations. The Section(s) to be added is/are indicated below.
I wish to change my current Section registration(s). Please remove the following Section(s) from my membership, and add the one(s) indicated below.
Remove: (indicate section number and name)

2. Indicate the Section(s) that you wish to join:

1. National Libraries
2. Academic and Research Libraries
3. Library and Research Services for Parliaments
4. Government Libraries
5. Social Sciences Libraries
6. (Discontinued)  
7. Science and Technology Libraries
8. Public Libraries
9. Library Services to People with Special Needs
10. Libraries for Children and Young Adults
11. School Libraries
12. Bibliography
13. Cataloguing
14. Acquisitions and Collection Development
15. Document Delivery and Resource Sharing
16. Serials and Other Continuing Resources
17. Government Information and Official Publications
18. Rare Books and Special Collections
19. Preservation and Conservation
20. Library Buildings and Equipment
21. Information Technology
22. Statistics and Evaluation
23. Education and Training
24. Library Theory and Research
25. Regional Activities: Africa
26. Regional Activities: Asia and Oceania
27. Regional Activities: Latin America and the Caribbean
28. Health and Biosciences Libraries
29. Classification and Indexing
30. Art Libraries
31. Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities
32. Library Services to Multicultural Populations
33. Literacy and Reading
34. Management and Marketing
35. Audiovisual and Multimedia
36. Reference and Information Services
37. Genealogy and Local History
38. (Discontinued)  
39. News Media
40. Management of Library Associations
41. (Discontinued)  
42. Information Literacy
43. Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning
44. (Discontinued)  
45. (Discontinued)  
46. Metropolitan Libraries
47. Knowledge Management
48. Law Libraries
50. Indigenous Matters

3. Complete the following details:

Name of Association or Institution, or
Name of Personal or Student Affiliate:

Contact name
(for Associations & Institutions only):

Postal Address:




Postal Code:




4. Payment of Additional Sections

If you have selected more than your free number of Sections, please indicate the additional amount to be paid.

Charge to the value of: x EUR 58 =

Select a method of payment:
Please send me a pro forma invoice
Payment enclosed (postal order, UNESCO coupons)
Postal orders should be made payable to IFLA HQ
Bank transfer
Please make to: Deutsche Bank
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Account No:
Credit Card:
VISA MasterCard/Euro Card

Charge to the value of: EUR

Card Number:

CVC II/Security Code: (See back of your credit card, the last three digits)

Expiration Date (mm/yyyy):

Card is in the name of:

5. Please sign and date this form:

Signature__________________________ Date:____________

6. Send this form by:




IFLA Headquarters
c/o Membership Officer
P.O. Box 95312
2509 CH The Hague